Asconi Sol Negru Cabernet Sauvignon

Asconi Sol Negru Cabernet Sauvignon

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It is a full-bodied wine with predominant acidity and strong tannins, which are the main factors that make a wine age well. Being an oak-aged wine, the color is already ruby-red, intensive, and vibrant. The aromatic profile is very colorful with green pepper hints, along with cassis, tobacco, and dark fruits like cherries, and a bit of vanilla that comes from the oak. In the taste, the wine is robust, strong, and long-lasting on the palette.

Aroma: black currant, bell pepper, prunes.
Tasting Notes: black currant, anise, blueberries
Fermentation: 12 – 15 days in fermenters at 25 – 27 °C;

Délestage twice


  • Grape varietals:

    Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Vintage


  • Soil


  • Wine Region IGP:


  • Alcohol:


  • Sugar:

    2.6 g/l

  • Aging

    12 months in American highly-toasted oak

  • Aeration

    60 minutes

  • Potential

    5 – 20 years

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