Individo Blanc de Noir Rara Neagra

Individo Blanc de Noir Rara Neagra

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The Limited Edition Individo Rara Neagra Rose is the third star in a lineup that raises the profile of a native variety of Rară Neagră, which is still an enigma, a variety that keeps on giving, which, year by year, still has something to reveal. This wine is an experiment conducted by the Château Vartely oenologist, who put his skills to the test in order to rediscover a new facet, a new side of Rara Neagra.


It is a wine of remarkable freshness and fruitiness, flavorful, with a balanced and fresh taste of red currant and ripe pears. 


Combination of wine with food

Salads, Asian-style dishes, pasta and cheese


  • Vintage


  • Alcohol


  • Grape varietals

    100% Rara Neagra 

  • Type

    Dry Rose

  • Appellation

    Moldova, IGP Codru

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