Kvint XO 14YO

Kvint XO 14YO

SKU : 14467517

A delicate and versatile aroma with pronounced floral, resinous and enanthic nuances is perfectly matching to its velvety taste.

Divin is served at the temperature 20-22°С in special glasses with the short stem and the bowl with wide bottom and tapering top. The noble beverage goes perfectly with cheese, chocolate, various desserts, fruit, coffee.


  • Vintage

    14 YO

  • Alcohol


  • Sugar

    7 g/dm3

  • Appellation

    Stefan Voda

  • Grape Varietals

    Bianca, Aligote, Pervenets of Magarach, Riesling, Riton, Suruchensky White, Ugni Blanc, Colombard


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